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Fusion - Connect, Commit, Community

Fusion 2013

Fusion is a weekend event geared towards high schoolers held in Lansing, Michigan on Great Lakes Christian College’s campus. Fusion is a great time for youth groups to unite together and have a blast worshipping God. 

Great Lakes Christian College has always had a vested interest in having events on campus that encourages relationships between youth, ministers, and GLCC alike. Fusion is one of the products of that vision. Fusion has become an event that is highly anticipated every year.  With groups like OneTimeBlind, Revel On Sunday, The Aaron Pelsue Band, The Museum and The Jordan Howerton Band along with gifted speakers such as Mark Christian, Shannon Caroland, Jason Wilson and Chad Cronin, Fusion has been continually blessed with gifted people who are dedicated to communicating God’s love to youth groups.  

Fusion is geared towards groups who want to connect and commit to each other and God in order to build community in their daily lives. Fusion is a time of learning, worship and activities for youth groups to merge, have fun and be challenged.  Our hope is that attendees are challenged to consider what they are doing, based on what they believe, as individuals and as youth groups.   For more information about Fusion, please contact the Admissions Department.