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Bible Theology

The main mission of Great Lakes Christian College is “to prepare students to be servant-leaders in the church and world.” One of the ways we equip students to do this is by giving them the foundation of faith that begins with the Bible Theology degree. The student who pursues this degree will take a total of 41 credit hours of concentrated Bible teaching. Students in this major will be taking classes such as; Basic Apologetics, Personal Spiritual Formation and New Testament Epistles. These courses focus on developing the student’s personal relationship with Christ as well as increasing the student’s knowledge of Biblical history and principles.

Graduates completing this degree will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the contents and theology of the Bible and reliable approaches to its interpretation.
  • Articulate and demonstrate a Biblically-grounded commitment to Christ and His purpose for the church.
  • Apply explicit Biblical teaching and implicit Biblical principles to real-life situations in the church and world.