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Business Management-Nonprofit

Students in the Business Management-Nonprofit major are prepared for entry-level management positions in large nonprofit organizations as well as leadership positions in smaller organizations. The degree will also prepare the graduate to envision, start up, and manage a nonprofit entity.

Graduates completing the Business Management-Nonprofit will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate the Kingdom principle of stewardship and how it relates to nonprofit organization;
  • Utilize appropriate statistics, research methodology, and strategies to effectively evaluate existing research and conduct research to facilitate reliable decision-making;
  • Apply strategic planning, budget, finance, resource development, resource deployment, and accountability reporting to the nonprofit organization;
  • Articulate best practices of nonprofit governance including start-up, resource management - both personal and financial, and board development;
  • Develop and deploy effective strategies related to marketing, public relations, and communications;
  • Communicate as a servant-leader, building trust and developing relationships for personal and corporate effectiveness.