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Christian Education

The goal of the Christian Education Major is to equip every student for the discovery and transmission of truth in a congregational ministry. To this end, serious study of the theories of learning and practical field experiences guild the student. The Christian educator serves by assisting people in a lifelong journey of learning.

A Christian Education Major is designed to equip the student for ministry in a Christian school or as a youth or education specialist in a congregation.

Graduates completing this degree will be able to:

  • Develop a philosophy of education consistent with Scripture;
  • Employ current research tools for discovery of truth as it applies to the contemporary church;
  • Develop skills and various styles of teaching that are requisite for the discovery and transmission of truth;
  • Analyze the needs and styles of learners of all ages, using Scripture and educational research;
  • Construct a curricula appropriate to the various learning settings and styles;
  • Exhibit leadership skills in a variety of educational settings.