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The History Major is primarily intended for those students planning careers in fields such as education, law, journalism, and government.  It is also useful as a background for seminary studies, home or foreign mission work, and archaeology.

Furthermore, it can facilitate research work in historical societies, museums, and libraries. Beyond providing a framework for the understanding, interpretation, and evaluation of the occasions and efforts by humankind throughout history, this Major also provides a historical context for events and people related to the Bible and church.  In addition, it intentionally seeks to participate in “character building,” the effort to help a student mold his or her attitudes and values within the principles of the Christian faith. 

The Public Policy track is an option within the History Major for those students who are planning a career in Government, public service, or law.  Lansing, our state capital with many government offices, is blessed to have Cooley Law School in town.  Cooley is the largest Law School in the country with approximately 3000 students.

Some classes required for this major are as follows:

  • HI 140 Ancient Western Civilization
  • HI 141 Medieval Western Civilization 
  • HI 242 Modern World Civilization
  • HI 250 U.S. History 1
  • HI 251 U.S. History 2
  • HI 350 Black American History
  • GOV 210 American National Government
  • GOV 310 State and Local Government
  • FLE 450 Family Law and Public Policy
  • HI 490 Research Methods in History
  • GOV 495 Public Policy Internship


Graduates completing this degree will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the facts (events, people, places, dates) and flow (connections, influences, lessons, etc.) of history;
  • Distinguish between established truths and mere opinions;
  • Critically evaluate various situation, dilemmas, and viewpoints or interpretations;
  • Display the ethical lessons of history that are consistent with Biblical Christian morality in his or her personal lifestyle, conduct and relationships with others;
  • Produce written research of a quality commensurate with that of respected publications in the field.