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Youth Ministry

Children and adolescents comprise unique subcultures in our society to which the church must minister. The Youth Ministry Major will prepare students to minister to children and adolescents in both the church and world. To accomplish this goal, the student will participate in academic courses, practical courses and field experiences, as well as a seminar presented by leading youth ministers from the field.

Graduates completing this degree will be able to:

  • Develop a theological, psychological, and pastoral approach to working with children and youth;
  • Present Scripture in a relevant manner for children and youth;
  • Function effectively at an entry level in multi-staff churches or other ministries;
  • Adequately lead and manage a ministry to children and youth in the local church;
  • Develop worship and educational programs for children and youth;
  • Serve in para-church ministries related to children and youth, e.g. church camps.