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PROMISE is a 13-day program designed as a strong musical and spiritual growing experience for high school students. The first week is on the campus of Great Lakes Christian College, and is structured as a music camp, with morning devotions, lots of rehearsals, fun activities, and small group sharing times; the second week we go on tour, traveling to different churches to share our program of music and drama. It all culminates with a home concert back at GLCC.

How do I audition for PROMISE?
Fill out an application form.
You must have completed your freshman year in high school.
Graduating seniors may also apply.
Make an audition CD and send it along with your picture and application to:

Great Lakes Christian College
6211 West Willow Highway
Lansing, MI 48917
Application deadline: April 1, 2013

On the audition CD -
1. Include your name and the part you sing.
2. Sing a contemporary Christian song or worship song of your choice that shows the best of what your voice can do.
3. Sing a C scale on “la” - going as high as you can. State what your highest and lowest notes are.

If you would also like to audition as an instrumentalist -
1. On the same CD, include warm-up exercises that demonstrate your range and ability.
2. Play a song which demonstrates your ability.

$200 for applications
received before February 1
$225 for applications
received February 1- April 1
Paid at registration, includes all meals, housing and activity fees.