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GLCC Events


Aug. 19th (10:00 AM – 2:00 PM & 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM) Returning Student Registration Completion Day, Dorms check-in for upperclassmen


Welcome to the 2011-12 school year, it’s finally here, despite odds and predictions! We have got big plans for the upcoming year and are excited to get started. Here is a complementary letter (breakfast not included) from the Student Life Department at GLCC to give you all the info you need to know as we start this next school year.

There is still time to register! To officially enroll in classes and be cleared to move into the dorms, you must have completed the process beginning with your advisor and finishing with the business office payment plan.

In order to live on campus, all students need to contact the business office for approval. Once you are on the list, you can move into the dorms on the designated dates (see below). All early move in requests must be made through the resident supervisor by Friday, Aug. 5th. Athletes and student workers are advised to double check with their superior to be sure they are on the list to move in earlier than Aug. 20th.

Important Dates

  ·      Aug. 1st FAFSA deadline

·         Aug. 15th New Student Registration, Dorms open to approved new students, student workers and athletes

·         Aug. 15-19th New Student Orientation

·         Aug. 19th Returning Student Registration Completion Day, Dorms open to upperclassmen

·         Aug. 22nd Classes Begin

·      Aug. 23rd Convocation Chapel (11:00 AM)


New in 2011

1.     Student life council – vote for them in first chapel

2.     Student Life Handbook
a.     Update
b.     Party (with video)

3.     Web presence
a.     Webpage
b.     Facebook page

4.     Fall chapel theme -

5.     Pictures of RA’s and brief comment


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Betsy Carter
Dean of Students

Kris Bargen
Campus Life Director

Emily Bargen
Women’s RS