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Larry Carter's Bio

Larry Carter is the president of Great Lakes Christian College and Instructor in Christian Ministries. Larry received a B.S. in Biblical Studies from Cincinnati Bible College.  While a student, he served as Youth Minister of the New Burlington Church of Christ and the Felicity Church of Christ, as well as Youth Coordinator of an inner city Salvation Army.  He then received a Masters of Christian Ministries degree from Huntington College, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

He served as the Senior Minister at Coburn Corners Church of Christ, Indiana, for four years (1973-1977), Senior Minister of the Delta Church of Christ, Ohio, for seven years (1977-1984), and then served as the Senior Minister at the Kentwood Christian Church, Michigan, from 1984 until 1999, when he accepted the position as President of Great Lakes Christian College.  Mr. Carter also teaches classes in Personal Spiritual Formation, and other Christian Ministries classes as the need arises.  He and his wife, Judy, have three grown children.