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One of the goals at Great Lakes Christian College is to “build servant leaders for the Church and world,” and the Athletic Department’s mission is the same. Participation in GLCC’s sports encourages becoming a servant leader first, a scholar second, and an athlete third. Here, athletes acknowledge through their interactions with fellow students, coaches, and opposing schools that sports are only temporary, while their relationship with Christ is eternal. Great Lakes’ teams strive to win, but more importantly, to build the character of Christ into every athlete regardless of the win-loss result. With the Church in dire need of leadership, the Athletic Department functions with the future in mind, shaping humble and godly servant leaders in every activity and on every playing field, be it basketball or life.

Great Lakes Christian College is proud to participate in Men’s and Women’s basketball, Men’s soccer, and Women’s volleyball at the NCCAA level. Annually, athletes will travel throughout Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin to compete with universities and colleges including Grace Bible College, Moody Bible Institute, Kentucky Christian University and Kuyper College.




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