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Losing to a rival is never enjoyable, but it stings all the more when it was such a close run thing.

GLCC came up short by a score of 2-0 in their rivalry clash with the Grace Tigers on Tuesday evening.
The match itself was very evenly matched, with both sides given plenty of opportunites to draw the first blood in the first half. However, largely due to the play of goalkeeper Doug Haggadone, the teams remained as they had started by the half.
It wasn't until the 66th minute when a Grace cross was deflected into the net by a Crusader defender that the scoreline was breached. Eleven minutes later Grace would be awarded a penalty that they converted, bringing the fulltime scoreline to 2-0.
"It was a close game," said GLCC head coach Justin Braman afterward, "It was pretty evenly matched, but it came down to we had our chances and didn't finish, and they had their chances and finished."
The team, however, seem unfased by the setback. "We are a cohesive and skilled team," says senior Joey Whittaker, "and I see a lot of potential in what we could accomplish this season. We just have to continue to make the little improvments and continue to work hard, and the wins will start rolling in."