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Some have called it 'amazing', others even 'irresistible'. Around here, however, there is only one word for Grace.


It's been a busy week in sports, and it's finest moment is only just about to begin.

El Clasico, Super Bowl, step aside.

Okay, that's a stretch.

It may not exactly be Duke-UNC, however, this is the biggest game of the year for the Crusaders.

The men's team that started the season 0-22 (yes, 0-22) has since won two of their last three, slaying the relative 'giants' of Indiana University-Northwest and Valley Forge Christian College.

The women's team knocked off Kuyper last week, giving them their first win of the season.

"We're ready to beat anybody!", says assistant coach Carmichael Gully, "They're meticulous, they're fundamentally sound, and they're physical. That's going to be hard for us mentally. But can we beat them? Yeah!"

"We're ready," says men's leading scorer Kyle Downing, "I think when they come to our house and we have a big enough crowd, I think we can do it."

"We're going to treat them like another team," says Mike Vickers, "Grace is a rivalry game but we treat every game like it's another team but also like it's a championship game; like this is the last game we need to win for our crowd. Our crowd has been here, cheering us on and we want to bring wins to them."

Oh, and did we mention that this is against Grace?

Or that it's senior day for Tyler and Caiti Piercefield?

Or that the game has been declared a blackout and all student attendees are strongly encouraged to wear everything black? Unlike the Super Bowl, however, the lights should remain on.

Or that it's against Grace? Oh, wait, we mentioned that...

Tuesday. 5:00 and 7:00.

Doty Center.

Be there.