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Athletics News


Well, this season is half over. It's been a little wild, but the dust of the first three weeks has settled, and the teams are now preparing for the home stretch, followed by the playoffs.

1. Green (3-0)

The fact that the early season favourite is 3-0 at this juncture isn't what is suprising. The suprise is how they've gotten here. After winning forfeited matchups with Black and Red in weeks one and two, Green ecked out a 5-4, too-close-for-comfort win over Blue Team. We still haven't much of this team in play, so the next few weeks will tell us quite a bit. Captain Mike Vickers has found his man in Danny Buegar, and the team appoears poised to make a run at a second-straight undefeated season.

2. Blue (2-1)

If there has been a suprise this year, it's been the Blue Team's start to the season. After knocking off Red in week one and Black in week two, they very nearly took down Green Team in week three. Kory Stratton has been the rookie suprise this season, more than justifying Jon Vallejo's sixth-round pick for him a month ago. Adam Burton has been excellent as well, And Jimbo Harvey and Luke Folkerts have become the league's top receiving tandem. This is a team to watch down the stretch.

3. Red (1-2)

After a week two forfeit, and some uncertainty at quarterback earlier this year, Brandon Smith's Red Team appear to have found their man in Justin Maine. The team has it's fair share of pieces, including receiver Josiah Leblanc, as well as running back tandem Ryan Steere and Quinten Howard. Don't be suprised if this team make a serious play for a championship berth.

4. Black (0-3)

Black Team has gotten off to a rough start, mostly due to injuries that have depleted the lineup, forcing a week one forfeit, and a pair of undermanned performances in the following weeks. Quarterback Joey Whittaker and running back Allen Lippert have shown some promise, but when it's hard enough to win with eight men, playing with six or seven only makes it harder. Once the injury bug departs, this team should compete for a spot in the final, but until then, captain Matt Barnum is going to have tofind a way to do more with less.

Three weeks to go before the playoffs begin, and of course, once they start, all bets are off...