Emerging Scholars Program

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Students who do not meet the general admissions requirements can apply under the Emerging Scholars Program. Student must, in addition to general admissions procedures, write an essay explaining why they have not met the criteria, how they will be successful in college and why they wish to pursue an education at Great Lakes Christian College. Students must apply for the Fall Semester by July 1 and for the Spring Semester by October 1. Students may be enrolled in the Program for up to one year. Members of the Academic Standing Committee, prior to admission, will interview students in the Emerging Scholars Program. Students will be required to enroll in the Academic Success Class for each semester they are in the Program, and can take a maximum of 13.5 semester credits and are not permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities without the special permission of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Students will be required to attend a two day seminar prior to Orientation Week, as well as participating in regular Orientation activities.

For more information contact Monica Price, mprice@glcc.edu