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Corporate Matching Gift Program

You, or your spouse, may work for a company that matches its employees’ gifts to higher education. This program is a great way to double or even triple your gift to GLCC! Each year, GREAT LAKES CHRISTIAN COLLEGE benefits from many corporate contributions initiated by company employees. Follow the link below to see a partial listing of the more than 6,000 companies that may match a contribution to GLCC. For a complete list, please email Some companies will match gifts made by non-employee directors of the company, retired employees or widows or widowers of retired employees.

See a partial listing of matching gift companies here.

If you, or your spouse, are employed by or retired from one of these companies, please obtain a matching gift form from the human resources department of your company, complete the donor portion, and send the form along with your gift to initiate a match. If you have already donated this year, you can still send GLCC a matching gift form because most companies will match your gift if the form is sent in within a reasonable time of the donation.

** Remember, the matching gift received from your initial gift is credited toward your gift record and counts toward recognition in the giving partnerships!


Feel free to contact Phil Beavers with any questions. Phil may be emailed at: