“After Class” Podcast

“After Class” Podcast

What happens when you lock an Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology professor in a room to discuss provocative topics related to bible and theology? Find out as you listen to the podcast of three professors from Great Lakes Christian College engage the sorts of questions students ask … after class. Featuring (from left to right in the logo) Samuel C. Long (Professor of Old Testament), Ronald D. Peters (Professor of New Testament), John C. Nugent (Professor of Theology). Be careful or it will take you back to when you were in college!

After Class Podcast LogoTopics of the podcast include

  • Satan Sprouts Horns
  • The Devil is in the details
  • Could it be…Satan?
  • In god We Trust?
  • Christian Urban Myths
  • The past, present, and future of Christian music
  • Should Christians take a break from vacations?
  • I pledge allegiance to…?
  • Should King James be dethroned?
  • What does the Bible actually say about immigrants?
  • Does Romans 13 condone family separation?
  • Is Jeff Sessions really a family wrecker?
  • Is It Time to Give the Sabbath a Break?
  • How Not to Unhitch the OT from the Church
  • Is Andy Stanley a heretic or should Christians ditch the Old Testament?
  • Is Allah God?


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