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This Michigan Christian College Could Be Right for You!

By | 2018-02-12T15:29:51+00:00 February 12th, 2018|Academics|

Thinking about a Michigan Christian College? Great Lakes Christian College (GLCC) is a premier Michigan Christian College. It is conveniently located in Lansing, Michigan, the capital city. There are many opportunities in and around Lansing to learn and grow spiritually and academically. GLCC is accredited and in the top 50 of AFFORDABLE Christian Colleges. We [...]

Ministry Degrees from Great Lakes Christian College

By | 2018-02-12T15:25:56+00:00 February 12th, 2018|Academics|

GLCC Offers Many Types of Ministry Degrees Which Ministry Degrees are you interested in? GLCC offers several different types of ministry degrees so that students can focus on the area they most connect with in college. We encourage students to think intensively and critically. Our professors stretch the thinking of every student by challenging them [...]

Christian College Admissions: What do you need?

By | 2018-01-31T15:19:43+00:00 January 31st, 2018|Academics|

What is required for Christian College Admissions? The Christian College Admissions process is not very different from that of other universities and colleges. Starting college (or returning) is an incredibly exciting time. You can be confident that you are investing in your future in order to create the life you imagine for yourself. At a [...]

Christian Colleges Promote Spiritual Growth

By | 2018-02-01T09:03:07+00:00 January 29th, 2018|Student Development|

College is a prime time for spiritual growth Will your spiritual growth be supported in your college years?  At a Christian College, classes are taught from a Christian worldview and spiritual applications are often part of the conversation. We chose our tag line very carefully and purposely as we feel it communicates very well what [...]

The Value of Christian College Mission Trips

By | 2018-01-25T14:21:40+00:00 January 25th, 2018|Academics, Student Development|

How Mission Trips Add to the College Experience High school and college students who participate in mission trips develop a higher level of intercultural sensitivity in preparation for increasingly diverse communities in the future. Our world is becoming more global all the time. International trade, the Internet, social media, worldwide news, and the access to [...]

Avoid College Burnout

By | 2018-01-22T16:38:12+00:00 January 22nd, 2018|Academics|

Have you ever experienced college burnout? As you come back from Christmas break and start a new semester, you might still have lingering feelings of college burnout from cramming for exams and trying to wrap everything up for the end of last semester. Although college burnout is a common affliction, there are ways to avoid [...]

Counseling Services at Great Lakes Christian College

By | 2018-01-30T10:07:42+00:00 January 17th, 2018|Admissions, Student Development|

Accessing Counseling Services in College Throughout your college career there will be many times when counseling services could benefit you greatly. The transition from High School to College and college to life are crucial. They can be exciting and stressful. Other reasons students seek out counseling services may include: Managing stress Help with homesickness, loneliness, [...]

Honoring God at College

By | 2018-01-04T10:47:59+00:00 January 4th, 2018|Academics|

How to Hear God's Plan For You Choosing a college is a huge step. Many Christian students worry about being able to continue honoring God at college amidst all the pressures and new responsibilities that come with this new chapter in your life. A lot of people will have opinions about where you should go [...]

Being a Student of God

By | 2017-12-28T08:13:51+00:00 December 27th, 2017|Student Development|

What Does Being a Student of God Mean? Are you a student of God? What differentiates the student of God's Word from other believers is the drive to find "The Truth" in God's Word. Being a Christian is the single most important element in your identity. You are saved and a child a God. You [...]

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