Staff Directory

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Photo of Judith A. Beavers B.R.E.
Judith A. Beavers B.R.E.
Outreach Ministries Director and Donor Records Acadmics Department

B.R.E., Great Lakes Christian College

Photo of Phil Beavers B.R.E., M.C.M.
Phil Beavers B.R.E., M.C.M.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement Department of Institutional Advancement

B.R.E., Great Lakes Christian College

M.C.M. Huntington College

Heather Bunce
Instructor of Old & New Testaments Adjunct Faculty

M.A., Theological Studies, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary

Photo of Ryan Bushnell
Ryan Bushnell
Director of Campus Life and Dean of Students Department of Student Development
Photo of Judy Carter
Judy Carter
Admissions Office Manager Admissions Department
Photo of Larry L. Carter B.S., M.C.M.
Larry L. Carter B.S., M.C.M.

B.S., Cincinnati Bible College

M.C.M., Huntington College

Serving GLCC since 1995

Chad Cronin
Instructor in Youth Ministries Adjunct Faculty

B.R.E., Biblical Theology, Great Lakes Christian College

Hannah Gingery
Women’s Volleyball Coach
Thomas Hampton
Instructor in Mathematics/Quantitative Literacy Adjunct Faculty

B.S., Mathematics Education, Greenville College

Photo of Suzy Khoury
Suzy Khoury
Intercultural Communication

B.A., Secondary Education, M.S.U.

M.Ed. M.S.U.

Photo of Jim Lockwood B.R.E., M.A.
Jim Lockwood B.R.E., M.A.
Vice President of Finance and Operations Department of Finance and Operations

B.R.E., Great Lakes Christian College

M.A., Cincinnati Christian Seminary

Central Michigan University Graduate School of Banking

Joshua Lockwood
Director of Admissions
Sasha Lockwood
Athletic Director
Lennie Mailand
Men’s Soccer Coach
Marc Mellor
Men’s Basketball Coach
Photo of James Orme B.A., M.S., M.A.
James Orme B.A., M.S., M.A.
Director of Library Services and Registrar Acadmics Department

B.A., Lincoln Christian College

M.S., University of Illinois

M.A., Lincoln Christian Seminary

Mark Owen
Instructor in Economics Adjunct Faculty

M.A., Economics, Central Michigan University

James Pahl
Instructor in Government Adjunct Faculty

J.D., Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Photo of Pat Parker
Pat Parker
Creative Dining Services / Cafeteria Manager Department of Finance and Operations
Marie Riggs
Administrative Secretary President’s Office

Served since 1993.

Sandi Solomon-Williams
Women’s Basketball Coach