Discover GLCC – Core Competencies – Part 2

Discover GLCC – Core Competencies – Part 2

GLCC’s mission to “prepare students to be servant-leaders in the church and world.”  We take this mission seriously and take every effort to be sure our students are receiving quality instruction to accomplish these Core Competencies.

(con’t from previous post) Core competencies are the attitudes and skills that every graduate should develop during a four-year program at GLCC. These qualities are necessary for success and excellence in any field of service. The General Education Requirements lay the foundation for the Core Competencies, and the majors strengthen and extend them.

4.  INTERPERSONAL SKILLS:  Graduates will be able to interact with other people one-to-one and in groups by applying skills in conversation, listening, conflict resolution, collaboration, and consensus-building.

5.  RESPECT FOR CULTURAL DIVERSITY:  Graduates will be able to understand, analyze, and appreciate the historical development of the knowledge, traditions, literature, values, and beliefs of human cultures around the world.

6.  RESOURCE MANAGEMENT:  Graduates will be able to manage resources of time, finances, individuals and groups, possessions, and the environment.

7.  SELF -UNDERSTANDING:  Graduates will be able to recognize, evaluate, and improve their weaknesses, strengths, gifts, and values.

8.  CHRISTIAN MATURITY:  Graduates will demonstrate Christian beliefs, values, conduct, and servant-leadership in their participation in the Christian community and engagement with the world.

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