This Michigan Christian College Could Be Right for You!

This Michigan Christian College Could Be Right for You!

Thinking about a Michigan Christian College?

Great Lakes Christian College (GLCC) is a premier Michigan Christian College. It is conveniently located in Lansing, Michigan, the capital city. There are many opportunities in and around Lansing to learn and grow spiritually and academically.

GLCC is accredited and in the top 50 of AFFORDABLE Christian Colleges. We also have Financial Aid and Scholarships available.

Since you are considering a Michigan Christian College, spiritual growth must be important to you. Your college years are a prime time for spiritual growth and learning, and it is at the center of what we do.

GLCC will help you build a solid education and spiritual platform that will carry you though life. No matter what plan God has for you.

The Benefits of a Small Michigan Christian College

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the college that is right for you. Location plays a huge a part, as well as many other things. Are you looking for a Big Ten University experience or a smaller, more focused opportunity? What is the student-to–teacher ratio you are looking for? What do you want to study? Do you want your faith to part of your academic life every day?

Choosing a college is a huge step. Many Christian students worry about being able to continue honoring God at college amidst all the pressures and new responsibilities that come with this new chapter in your life. A lot of people will have opinions about where you should go and what you should study, but really, only one thing matters: God’s plan for you.

Here are some benefits of a small Michigan Christian college:

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