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Welcome To GLCC

As a Christian academic community, GLCC's task is to educate students for preaching and other ministry roles as well as for careers related to the church or other institutions in the public sector. In all instances, preparing students to be servant-leaders is central to the College's founding character, history, curriculum, and campus ethos.

Why GLCC?  Over a generation ago, men and women of God were deeply concerned with the lack of vitality and the shrinking numbers of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in Michigan.  Their concern led to plans for founding Great Lakes Bible College, which came into being in 1949 at Rock Lake, near Vestaburg, Michigan.  Twelve students

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Discover GLCC is the Advancement campaign over the next five years culminating at our 70th Anniversary in 2019.  I see this campaign expanding the impact of the College in the church and community, broadening the financial base of financial support, and increasing the recruiting and retention effectiveness. I’m inviting churches and individuals to discover or

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I commented recently to some family members, via email, how some of the current events reported on the news were very discouraging and made me realize anew that “this world is not my home.” Some of my family misunderstood me. They thought that I was simply becoming a grumpy old man that has lost faith

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I am on an amazing journey that began at what was Great Lakes Bible College and is now Great Lakes Christian College. I learned about Great Lakes after having applied to and been accepted at Purdue. I chose GLCC and have never questioned that decision. It was at GLCC that God provided the foundation, education

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Since graduating from Great Lakes Christian College in 1985, Michael Wetzel has been led down many roads, guided by the strong ties and the principles he learned throughout his time there. From an HR Manager to a writer, Michael’s career may have veered but his beliefs and the values he gained from GLCC have not.

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  Jean-Pierre De Caussade was a Jesuit priest who lived in France in the early 1700’s. Not much is known of him except that he was a teacher of theology at a number of schools and colleges. His book, “Abandonment To Divine Providence”, is a collection of letters that have been preserved for posterity and

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