Over eighty percent of GLCC students receive some form of financial aid. Seventy percent receive aid from the College.

The Scholarship Application deadline is March 31, 2016. Awards will be granted by May 3, 2016. Late applications will be considered for unused scholarship monies.

All students must first apply and be accepted for admission to Great Lakes Christian College. Scholarship applicants are also required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). List Great Lakes Christian College as one of your college choices (Title IV Code 002269). The FAFSA should be sent directly to the Federal Student Aid Programs.

Academic Scholarship

Academic scholarships are awarded based on a student’s ACT/SAT score and high school grade point average:

2.50 GPA$500$500$750$1000$1000
2.75 GPA$500$750$750$1250$1250
3.00 GPA$750$1000$1000$2000$2000
3.25 GPA$750$1250$1250$2000$2500
3.50 GPA$1000$1500$2000$2500$3000
3.75 GPA$1000$2000$2500$3000$4000
3.90 GPA$1250$2250$3000$4000$5000

The above dollar amounts are yearly scholarships, and can be renewed annually for a maximum of four years.

Other Scholarships

Great Lakes Christain College also offers numerous other scholarships based on merit and financial need. These are listed in the College Catalog, and may be applied for by filling out the GLCC Scholarship Application.

Internet Scholarship Search

There are many websites offering free scholarship searches. The best time for searches is during the fall semester for the following year (if you plan to enter college in the fall of 2017, start searching scholarships in the fall of 2016). Try one or more of these sites: