College Costs At A Glance

College Costs At A Glance 2017-02-25T19:05:41+00:00

GLCC Tuition and Fees 2016-2017

Fall and Spring Semester (Per Semester)


Tuition Per Credit Hour $495.00
Room & Board:
17 meal plan $4,250.00
15 meal plan $4,150.00
12 meal plan $4,050.00
Student Services
Full-time students (12 or more credits) $700.00
Part-time students (6 to 11 credits) $500.00
Students with 5 or fewer credits $300.00
Miscellaneous fees (see below – all may not apply)

Payment Expectations

The balance of tuition, room and board, is due in full by August 15 (for Fall Semester) and January 1 (for Spring Semester) either by cash, check, credit card, or verified financial aid. Payment plans are available through Advanced Education Services (AES). AES can be reached online or by calling (800) 551-2773.

Estimated Costs (Per Semester)


Tuition (example: 15 hours @$495) $7,425.00
Room & Board (17 meal plan) $4,250.00
Fees $700.00
Total (not including books) $12,375.00

Complete List of Fees


Application Fee $30.00
Admission Fee $200.00
Introductory Class (up to 4 hours)* $495.00
Tuition per Credit Hour $495.00
Audit Fee $120.00
Dually-Enrolled (per credit) $100.00
Private Instruction Fee $172.00
Remediation Fee (per semester)** $100.00
Independent/Special Study (per credit) $100.00
Dormitory Room Deposit $300.00
Housing and Meals
Dormitory & 17 Meal Plan (per semester) $4,250.00
Dormitory & 15 Meal Plan (per semester) $4,150.00
Dormitory & 12 Meal Plan (per semester) $4,050.00
     Discount for on-campus in-dorms sophomores: $500 per semester
     Discount for on-campus in-dorms juniors:  $750 per semester
     Discount for on-campus in-dorms seniors: $1,000 per semester
Family Housing, one bedroom (per month)*** $525.00
Family Housing, two bedrooms (per month)*** $580.00
Student Services Fee
Full-time Students (12 or more credits) per semester $700.00
Off-campus part-time Students (6 to 11 credits) per semester $500.00
Off-campus students with 5 or fewer credits per semester $300.00

All costs are subject to change.

$200/semester – Additional Charge for two-person housing in Men’s Residence by request (rather

than the usual 3 per apartment)

$400/semester – Additional charge for one-person housing in Men’s or Women’s Residence by request

* This is a one-time class (not for Spring Arbor University students) which may be taken for credit. A students must complete an application and provide a high school transcript. The individual must complete the application process to be accepted for additional classes.

** This fee will be charged beginning the second semester of required remediation.

*** Room deposit for Family Housing is equal to one-month’s rent.