College Costs At A Glance

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GLCC Tuition and Fees^ 2018-2019

Tuition and Fees 2018-19

Fall and Spring Semester (Per Semester)

^These rates (or less) will be honored for four years (8 continuous semesters) for students who enroll during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Tuition Per Credit Hour$525.00
Room & Board:
17 meal plan$4,400.00
15 meal plan$4,300.00
12 meal plan$4,200.00
Student Services
Full-time students (12 or more credits)$735.00
Part-time students (6 to 11 credits)$500.00
Students with 5 or fewer credits$300.00
Miscellaneous fees (see below – all may not apply)

Payment Expectations

The balance of tuition, room and board, is due in full by August 15 (for Fall Semester) and January 1 (for Spring Semester) either by cash, check, credit card, or verified financial aid. Payment plans are available through the Business Office by calling 517-321-0242, ext. 219 or 252.

Estimated Costs (Per Semester)


Tuition (example: 15 hours @$525)$7,875.00
Room & Board (17 meal plan)$4,400.00
Total (not including books)$13,010.00


Complete List of Fees


Application Fee$30.00
Admission Fee$200.00
Introductory Class (up to 4 hours)*$525.00
Tuition per Credit Hour$525.00
Audit Fee$120.00
Dually-Enrolled (per credit)$150.00
Private Instruction Fee$172.00
Emerging Scholar/Remediation Fee (per semester)**$250.00
Independent/Special Study (per credit)$100.00
Dormitory Room Deposit$300.00
Housing and Meals
Dormitory & 17 Meal Plan (per semester)$4,400.00
Dormitory & 15 Meal Plan (per semester)$4,300.00
Dormitory & 12 Meal Plan (per semester)$4,200.00
Family Housing, one bedroom (per month)***$550.00
Family Housing, two bedrooms (per month)***$605.00
Student Services Fee
Full-time Students (12 or more credits) per semester$735.00
Off-campus part-time Students (6 to 11 credits) per semester$500.00
Off-campus students with 5 or fewer credits per semester$300.00

All costs are subject to change.

$200/semester – Additional Charge for two-person housing in Men’s Residence by request (rather

than the usual 3 per apartment)

$400/semester – Additional charge for one-person housing in Men’s or Women’s Residence by request

* This is a one-time class (not for Spring Arbor University students) which may be taken for credit. A students must complete an application and provide a high school transcript. The individual must complete the application process to be accepted for additional classes.

** This fee will be charged beginning the second semester of required remediation.

*** Room deposit for Family Housing is equal to one-month’s rent.