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Welcome to the Student Success Department!

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The student success department was founded to enhance student success by supporting students in making a positive transition to college, achieving good academic standing, and reaching their lifelong educational goals. This is accomplished through an intentionally designed, comprehensive array of programs, services, and resources including tutoring labs, workshops, academic counseling, test preparation, writing and reading assistance and test proctoring.


Why Use the Success Office?

The Student Success Office here to help you perform to your greatest potential. We offer services that will help you make the transition from high school to college including time management, organization and study skills. We also provide academic counseling, and all you need to do is set up a meeting with the director of student success to start this process.

The Success Office additionally offers weekly study groups for literature, history and composition and grammar courses during meal times in the cafeteria, making it more convenient for all students.

The tutoring lab is open five days a week, and there is a qualified tutor there to help you with studying, writing papers and exam preparation.

At the office of Student Success, we know that making the transition to college can be filled with a few surprises. We also know that maintaining the path and energy towards your graduation day can be made easier if you have a solid network of services and support at your fingertips.

Our services are designed specifically with you, and your goal to graduate from Great Lakes Christian College in mind. From free tutoring labs, to study groups for classes, to test proctoring, to workshops and academic counseling, we are here with your success in mind.


Contact Information:

Director of Student Success

Monica Price, 517-321-0242 (ext. 236)