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Over a generation ago, men of God were deeply concerned with the lack of vitality and the shrinking numbers of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in Michigan. Their concern led to plans for founding Great Lakes Bible College, which came into being in 1949 at Rock Lake, near Vestaburg, Michigan. Twelve students were enrolled during the first year, and their classes convened in the log cabin of Ralph R. Woodard, who was to become the first President of the College.

In 1951, the young College purchased a nearby eighty-acre farm, which was converted into the first campus. Recognizing the advantages of an urban location, the Trustees decided to move the campus to the capital city, Lansing, in 1958. The College occupied the Dodge Mansion for fourteen years. In 1970, the College purchased a forty-acre site on the west edge of Lansing, and the first buildings were constructed for use in 1972. Additional land was added later, and facilities have been constructed as needed. In 1992, the College’s name was changed to Great Lakes Christian College.

In 2002 accreditation was granted by The Higher Learning Commission and GLCC became a member of the North Central Association. Reaffirmation took place in 2007.  The Doty Center, a multi-purpose gymnasium and event center, was built at the heart of the campus and was completed in 2008.  The first phase of the Knowles Learning Center – Office Suites is also completed.


Great Lakes Christian College, an institution of higher education affiliated with Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, seeks to glorify God by preparing students to be servant-leaders in the church and world.


The goals Great Lakes Christian College seeks to attain are inherent in the Mission Statement. The College is committed to serve and glorify God and endeavors to accomplish this by the following means:

  • To provide our students a foundation for Christian faith, thought, and character that is relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the world.
  • To develop in our students a greater awareness of the need for the Gospel in a fallen world and a personal commitment to be a bearer of that message.
  • To prepare educated, faithful vocational ministers, able to lead and administer churches and/or Christian institutions.
  • To prepare both volunteer and vocational Christian students for leadership and professional roles within the church and world.
  • To instill the restoration principles as espoused by Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ in the life, faith, ministry and witness of our students.
  • To assist the churches of our constituency through special events and educational programming.

The Campus

Great Lakes Christian College is strategically located west of Lansing, Michigan, the state capital, in Delta Township. The forty-seven acre campus is at the corner of North Creyts Road and Willow Highway. Within a short drive is one of the largest Big Ten schools, Michigan State University.

Because Lansing is the state capital, there is easy access to the city by way of Amtrak, the Capital City Airport, bus terminals, and interstate highways. Delta Township, where GLCC is located, is one of the fastest growing areas in Lansing. A large mall of over 100 stores and other major shopping areas are within walking distance of the College and provide opportunities for employment.

Yet with all these urban advantages, Great Lakes Christian College is located in a beautiful, residential area that surrounds the spacious forty-seven acre site. Lansing is an hour and a half from Detroit and its major airport and an hour from Grand Rapids, home of several of the major religious book publishers. Indeed, Great Lakes Christian College is strategically located for convenience and affords an opportunity for an excellent education.