Great Lakes Christian College strives for personal, spiritual and intellectual growth. Through our twelve majors we pursue knowledge of both Biblical and academic value. When receiving a degree through GLCC we require students to take Bible Theology classes through which they will acquire the Bible Theology degree as well as the degree in the educational area of their choice. GLCC believes that Bible theology provides a firm grasp on Scripture and a foundation upon which all other areas of education should be built. GLCC endeavors to provide instruction for life and equip students in action and deed.

GLCC puts high standards on academics and it is because of these standards that we are accredited through the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. We are also accredited through the Association for Biblical Higher Education along with many other Christian colleges. This accreditation shows the value and emphasis that GLCC puts on the spiritual growth of students. GLCC’s accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission demonstrates the importance placed on academic excellence as well. This unique combination of priorities helps to foster an education well rounded in both the academic and spiritual arenas.