Why Choose Great Lakes Christian College?

Why Choose Great Lakes Christian College?2017-08-31T15:26:16+00:00

Students at Great Lakes Christian College live in an environment that encourages social, spiritual and intellectual interaction between students, faculty, administration and the local community. United by faith in God, by the learning experience and by a vision of purpose, GLCC students traditionally enjoy a camaraderie that strengthens their confidence and reinforces their judgment as they grow.


The GLCC campus is located in a beautiful residential area that surrounds the spacious forty-seven acre site. Because Lansing is the state capital, there is easy access to the city by way of Amtrak, the Capital Region International Airport, bus terminals, and interstate highways. A large mall and other major shopping areas are within walking distance of the College and provide opportunities for employment.

Lansing is about an hour from Detroit and its major airport and Grand Rapids, home of several of the major religious book publishers. Indeed, Great Lakes Christian College is strategically located for convenience to events and activities that help students stay involved and entertained.


GLCC is truly a unique college environment. Because of the relatively small faculty to student ratio compared to most public and private colleges and universities, there is a higher likelihood that students know their professors personally. In the 21st century world of electronic personalities and virtual realities, GLCC fosters a spirit of direct personal interaction and communication that encourages the exchange of ideas and stimulates thinking. Students talk; they relate; they listen; they express; they learn; they evolve.

Great Lakes Christian College students come in a variety of ages, races and life circumstance from many points on the globe. They are local, national, international, single, married, younger, older, part-time and full-time. They come from both secular and Christian high schools, home schooling backgrounds, but all are searching for their path and want to involve God in their pursuit of life’s meaning.

Residence halls at GLCC are tailored to the demands of student life. Dorm life comes with just the right combination of comfort, safety and space to study and relax in an atmosphere conducive to devotions and Bible studies.


Faculty & Staff

As a Christian academic community, Great Lakes Christian College’s purpose is to educate men and women for preaching and other ministry roles as well as for careers related to the church or institutions in the public sector. The faculty and staff at Great Lakes take on the role of training students to be kingdom workers through mentoring, teaching and serving along-side students. It is not unusual to find faculty and staff eating lunch with students, conversing in the student mall, participating in on-campus events, leading mission trips and hosting international or commuter students in their homes. Their involvement in campus life encourages approachability while still maintaining a professional environment. This involvement provides a comfortable and familial community atmosphere.

Furthermore, though GLCC is small, the faculty and staff are adamant about providing students with a quality education. Inside the classroom you’ll find a student/faculty ratio of 13 to 1, which provides opportunity for professors to connect with students, acquiring their trust and respect. Moreover, 80% of the faculty have or are pursuing their Professional Doctorates. In addition, GLCC’s faculty and staff have years of ministry experience and are personally involved in being servant-leaders in the church and world. Every week they serve as part-time ministers, interim ministers, worship leaders and teachers in the church. The faculty and staff at Great Lakes Christian College are dedicated to providing a high-quality education, furthering each students understanding of whom God is and the history of His love, while building life-long relationships.


Great Lakes Christian College places the pursuit of God as its top priority. Emulating the love of Jesus Christ to the masses is a lifestyle that is encouraged and constructed for all GLCC students. The mission of Great Lakes is to create servant leaders in the church and world. This idea comes from mimicking the life and ministry of Christ.

GLCC is associated with the Christian Church/Churches of Christ and is part of the Stone Campbell Restoration Movement. The professors and staff of Great Lakes attempt to cover the history of theology while allowing the students to define their own faith. The students of GLCC come from different walks of life with varying perspectives and interpretations, yet all rally together to learn and communicate God’s love.