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Dr. Brant Lee Doty Fund for Christian Higher Education

Dr. Brant Lee Doty was a humble servant. He served Great Lakes Christian College since 1953 as professor, Academic Dean and Chancellor. His dedication to Christian higher education was evident in the way he lived his life until his death in January 1998.

Intended Use of the Funds

This fund was established in Dr. Doty’s honor and is designed to meet the needs of the student and institution. The first and primary use of the “Doty Fund” monies must be that of serving the needs of a Presidential Scholarship program. After all such scholarship program needs are met each semester, any remaining monies from the usable portion of the fund may be used by the College Administration as best serves the College mission.

At no time may more than sixty percent of the yearly committed funds, along with earned interest to date, be utilized for any reason. Forty percent of the Fund remains in endowment.

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  • Selection of recipients of the Presidential Scholarship funded by the “Doty Fund” will be solely at the discretion of the President of Great Lakes Christian College upon recommendation of the Admissions Department.
  • The candidate for a Presidential Scholarship award must be academically acceptable by GLCC Admissions standards with no probationary status outstanding.
  • The awarding of a Presidential Scholarship at GLCC is not contingent upon the candidate’s financial status. Such a scholarship may not be awarded to a candidate who has not applied for all other available scholarships and grants at GLCC.

Supervision and Maintenance

  • Primary supervision and maintenance of the program and fund will be that of the College Administration and the Executive Committee of the Trustees.
  • The President will make the final decision as to scholarships awarded.
  • Appeals for the Fund will be sent twice a year to the present benefactors and one appeal to the entire donor list. For more information or fund status


Feel free to contact Phil Beavers with any questions.

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