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A Living Trust

A Service Offered To You By Great Lakes Christian College

With today’s busy lifestyles, we often put off those things that do not require our immediate attention. Work, family, and household demands seem always to occupy the top of our list. Even when it comes down to our own financial and retirement planning, we often delay because they do not demand our immediate attention. Then, when they finally do demand our attention, it may be too late. However – by investing a few hours now – you can establish a Living Trust that will provide for your estate planning needs.

A Living Trust provides special safeguards for you and your loved ones now and protects you and your heirs from costly probate fees and unnecessary estate taxes. It also provides you with an opportunity to establish a legal guardian for your minor children, should one be needed. You may also designate a trusted individual to legally oversee your affairs should you become incapacitated. Without these protections, you are at the mercy of the courts who will assign someone for you.

An exciting partnership has taken place for GLCC with Financial Planning Ministry. FPM is staffed by development specialists with backgrounds in business, finance, law education and planned giving. FPM assists individuals through the entire estate planning process from “start to signatures.” They do not sell insurance or investments. Individuals are not charged a fee for FPM services but are underwritten by GLCC. Each estate plan will be done at no out of pocket cost to the individuals. In return for this service, valued in excess of $2,000, FPM encourages individuals to leave a residual gift (after death) to their local church. Additionally, they are provided with the opportunity to leave a gift to one of the FPM sponsoring ministries (of which we are one). In essence these gifts are funded with funds that would have been lost to probate.

If you would like to take advantage of establishing a Living Trust through Financial Planning Ministry and GLCC that would provide for your estate planning needs, please contact Phil Beavers, (517) 321-0242, ext. 215 or email,

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